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There is an ancient legend that speaks of God’s struggle to guide the destiny of humanity. It is said that God had grown very concerned about the way mortals constantly lose their way creating disasters as they go. So God sent out angelic messengers to gather together the timeless wisdom contained in the world and to place this wisdom in a multitude of books that would be housed in a great library-a library that mortals could use in order to work out how they should live and act in the world.

When, after many millennia, the great task was completed, the colossal library stood in one of the world’s greatest cultural capitals dominating the skyline. However there were too many books for individuals to read. It was impossible to reach for the majority of people who were put off by the vastness of the volumes. So God commanded the messengers to compress the wisdom into a single volume.

Once completed, this volume was widely circulated, but it was still huge and people could hardly lift it let alone read it. So God had a booklet made with all the essential information; but people were lazy and didn’t read it; some couldn’t read.

So God compressed all the timeless wisdom into one word which He told his messengers and followers to send out into the world by the way they live their lives.

What is that word? The word is LOVE.

Jesus said ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul and love your neighbour as yourself. This is the summary of all wisdom and commandments.(Luke 10 v 27.)









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